Explore Arusha Town.

Explore Arusha Town.
Arusha the safari capital of East Africa is perched at 1400m above sea level, keeping the temperatures and humidity relatively low. The city lays on the southern slopes of Mt Meru also Mt Kilimanjaro can be seen on a clear day. This is busy agricultural, administrative and tourist Centre is the perfect place to relax and recover after a long flight before you set off for the holiday of lifetime. We will have an option of visiting Shanga, and the main market of Arusha just to get to see the different life style of Arusha and Tanzania culture at large.

Meserani snake park visit
In northern Tanzania we have some snake’s species that can be found in the area but is very hard to spot one when you’re in safari, for the snakes lover and who wish to see some of the snake species found in the area will have a tour at Meserani snake park and get to know some more details about the snake found in northern Tanzania.

Camel ride :
Camel ride is fun activity for all age, you will get a chance to experience the unique ride camel has to offer and experience how people back in the days used to travel from one area to another, is fun and relaxed ride.